How to tell if gold is real at home

We will see some ways you can know if you are dealing with adulterated gold.

How to tell if gold is real at home

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Historically gold is one of the most valuable metals you can acquire; one of its most relevant characteristics is that it retains its value even in times of crisis. Some say that if a tremendous financial crisis hits us, gold will be the only thing that will not lose weight; the superior experience was in 1929 during the great recession, the dollar had no value, and gold was the currency of exchange.

Knowing this, buying gold is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and increase your net worth. But unfortunately, historically, gold was used in jewelry and was growing in popularity, and so was the ingenuity to counterfeit gold, which is why you should know the signs of fake gold to protect yourself from making a bad investment and being fooled.

Buying from reputable stores and pawn shops in your city will help you find quality gold. Pawn shops only buy or sell gold that has been inspected for authenticity.

Some ways to tell if gold is real at home and thus identify when gold is counterfeit: 

Always real gold will be marked with a small stamp indicating its karat; this is already a guarantee; if you look closely, you will see a logo that says 14k, 18k, or whatever karat the gold is. However, the stamp is usually tiny, and you may only see it easily if you pay attention.

Depending on the jewelry, the stamp location varies; for example, in gold bars or coins, it is usually on edge; whether it is a brooch, ring, or gold earring, these should always have in one of its faces the verifying stamp.

Another situation is to identify white gold and not confuse it with silver; white gold will always have a hallmark.

Another characteristic that makes it unique is its brilliance; it will always shine the same despite the years; it will only need to be polished to maintain its original shine.

Another way to detect fake gold is with a magnet since counterfeiters bathe the steel with gold and try to sell it as legitimate; if it sticks to the magnet, you know it is not real.

The best way to ensure the gold you buy is authentic is to shop with a reputable dealer in your area.

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